Abro-Menor (አብሮ-መኖር)

Abro-Menor (አብሮ-መኖር) is an ongoing project that will look into the topic of cultural identity and community relationships within the framework of societal institutions. Abro-menor is an Amharic term that literally translates to living together." The conceptual framework for the art project is centered on the idea of living together.

The project is inspired by collective households, such as Edir(እድር). Edir is a popular social network in Ethiopia that allows people to meet new people and learn about other cultures. Communal organizations like Edir serve an important role in maintaining social life over an extended period of time in Ethiopia.

The goal of the project is to create an artist-run mediation platform and a venue for constructive talks and collective reasoning among the Ethiopian diaspora in Norway about Ethiopia's current socio-political challenges. This project is a continuation of Lekiso Bet.