No democracy, No Aid


Type of Work: Acrylic painting

Year: 2019

Content: Paper, Acrylic, ink-pen

About: Federal system, Ethnonationalism


The works are informed by regional state settings in Ethiopia. After the end of the civil war in 1991, left-wing ethnic rebel groups took power and form a collation government. The transitional government who had Marxist-Leninist ideology implement provincial boundaries based on ethnolinguistic identity. This led to the establishment of a federal administrative structure called kilil(ክልል). The kilil is structured according to an ethnic line in which only ethnically-based parties control the government until the present-day. This led the country to several ethnic conflicts and violence for the last Twentynine years. The selected works are my visual reflection on personal observation and experiences in relation to the federal regional state structure(kilil) in Ethiopia. 

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