PERFORMANCE STILL: Presence / MATERIAL: Digital Video / SITE-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE / LOCATION: Mesqel square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia / DURATION: 52min



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

In collaboration with Yo-Yo Gonthier, Tewodros Bekele, Kaleab Demeke, Ephrem Ayalew, DFA Ethiopia

The work reflects the reality with the true emotion of the artist and shows that not everything can be put into words without danger. This performance is about how an artist can bring a new voice to the limited artistic freedom in Ethiopia. How contemporary artistic practices would bring an impact to wider society? The performance is staged to promote present-day art practices as a way to address societal inquiries. The expectation from a public and limited artistic expression was shown in parallel on the musical performance. The musical performance was made only by body language. A vocal sound was absent.